About us


Investment Properties

Appreciation and cash flow. We make sure your money is working hard for you (so you don't have to).

Home buyers

Help client purchasing their dream homes. Locations, budget, school information, loan applications: step by step guide and service.

Property Management

Tenant screening and placement; property maintenance; professional bookkeeping.




Special Offert

  • Purchase a home with us, and we’ll give part of our commission to you.
    Example: buy a home at $1,000,000:
    – traditional agents will keep all commissions, you get $0.
    – other discounted service agents will typically rebate 0.4% to 0.6%, you get about $5,000 back.
    – our agents will share from 0.75% up to 1%, you get $10,000 back to decorate your new home.
  • Purchase an investment property with us, get a 25% discount if you also use us as your property manager.

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