Can a California Agent Represent Sellers/Buyers on Out-of-State Transactions

Can a California Agent Represent Sellers/Buyers on Out-of-State Transactions?

An agent can represent sellers or buyers (and earn a commission) on out-of-state transactions, but must follow some simple rules set forth below.

1.  Representing a Buyer in purchasing an out-of-state property.

In this example, the California agent represents a Buyer in purchasing an out-of-state property.  This means a California agent is representing a California Buyer purchasing an out-of-state property.

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Bay Area Mortgage Interest Rate as of 09/29/2017

Daily Interest Rate Report

APR rate. No point, no lender’s fee, no pre-pay penalty.

Conforming Loan Programs($424,100 or less)

30 Year Fixed 15 Year Fixed 7 Year ARM 5 Year ARM
3.750% 3.125% 3.375% 3.125%
  High Balance Loan ($424,100 to $636,150)

30 Year Fixed 15 Year Fixed 7 Year ARM 5 Year ARM
3.875% 3.250% 3.750%  3.125%
Jumbo Loan ($636,150 and up)

30 Year Fixed 15 Year Fixed 7 Year ARM 5 Year ARM
3.875% 3.375% 3.375% 3.250%

10-Yr Bond: 2.319

Disclaimer: Above rates are based on premium conditions. Rates may change within the day.

New in Moraga: West Commons Park Opens Now[Lamorinda]

West Commons Park Opens in Moraga

West Commons Park, Moraga

The new open space next to the Harvest Court development off Camino Ricardo in Moraga is now open. On the other side is Moraga Commons Park and the open space has been renamed, West Commons Park.


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Home Inspection 验屋师经验谈:如何找出房子可能存在的问题的三大窍门


◆善用小道具 揪出问题屋


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A 信用分数、

B 收入与负债、

C 支付能力

D 重大变动


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August Market Data: $742,000 is the new median home price in Bay Area, and what that buys you

The Bay Area’s notoriously high home prices continue to soar.

The median price paid for a Bay Area home in August was $742,00o, up 11.6 percent from $665,000 in August 2016, real estate information service CoreLogic said Friday in its monthly market report.

This marks the biggest year-over-year gain in 19 months.

“The median price dropped 3 percent from the month before, but prices typically dip between July and August, by an average of 1.6 percent over the past few decades,” Kathleen Pender pointed out in a San Francisco Chronicle story on the new report.

For first-time home buyers with limited budgets, the high prices continue to be discouraging.

 What exactly can prospective home buyers expect to find at the median price around the Bay Area?

On the market, homes identified which are priced within $5,000 of the August median (see in the gallery above), and found that what you get depends on where you look as the median price varies vastly from city to city.

In San Francisco where the median price was $1.2 million in August, you can buy a studio apartment around the median regional price. In the most eastern area of the East Bay in cities such as Antioch and Brentwood (both in Contra Costa County where the median price was $572,000), you can find a three-bedroom-plus home with a master bedroom closet the size of that S.F. studio.

“The farther you move away from the city the more house you get,” says realtor Terrylynn Fisher with Dudum Real Estate Group. “The more house, the more commute. Downtown Walnut Creek is highly desirable right now. For $750,000 you’d get maybe one or two bedrooms in a high rise. For a yard and dog, you have to go farther east.”

Case in point: Fisher is listing a 2,443-square-foot Clayton home at 1825 Yolanda Circle for $750,000 (see in gallery above). The large property has four bedrooms plus a den that can be converted into a fifth bedroom, three bathrooms, a kitchen with a breakfast bar, a formal dining room, and an expansive lawn in the front yard and a patio in the back.

“It’s actually a little under priced for Clayton because it’s bigger than average for this price range,” Fisher explains. But it’s not completely updated with a brand-new kitchen and brand-new bathroom. The location is great because the schools are highly rated. You can walk on the trails to downtown Clayton and there are views of Mount Diablo and toward Martinez and Benicia.”

Meanwhile, on the Peninsula where high-paying jobs at tech companies have attracted an influx of homebuyers, you get less for your money.

In Redwood City, we found a small and sweet cottage at 617 Macarthur Ave. with two-bedrooms and one bath tucked into 790 square feet on the market for $729,00.

“Its move-in ready,” says broker. “We really worked with how to maximize the space but also continue to keep the charm. She adds, “I think that the Peninsula has become untouchable with the influx of populations. And Redwood City back in the day wasn’t that fabulous, and now it’s so close to the tech companies and Oracle, and downtown is hopping.”

Source: SFGate

Lafayette’s Town Hall Theatre is opening its season with a newly revised version of “The Song of the Nightingale”

Now Lafayette’s Town Hall Theatre is opening its season with a newly revised version of Kahng’s first musical “The Song of the Nightingale,” which originally premiered in 2013 at Alameda’s Altarena Playhouse. Alameda playwright and composer Min Kahng has had a busy year. In July, TheatreWorks Silicon Valley premiered his musical “The Four Immigrants: An American Musical Manga” in Palo Alto.

The 35-year-old Bay Area native had to go back and forth between the finishing touches on his higher-profile new work and the tweaks he’d been meaning to make on his earlier piece ever since its original production closed.

“The Song of the Nightingale” is based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen set in ancient China. A kitchen maid gives a nightingale to the emperor as a gift, and he’s enthralled by its song and rewards her greatly. Soon enough, the emperor’s fancy drifts from the beloved bird to a new gewgaw, an artificial nightingale encrusted with jewels.

It may be counterintuitive to think of a play that premiered only four years ago as an early work, but Kahng had been playing around with this one for an awfully long time.

DC Scarpelli is the Emperor and Isabel To is Mei Lin in “The Song of the Nightingale” at Town Hall Theatre in Lafayette. Stu Stelland/Town Hall Theatre


“When I was in the third grade at Greenville Elementary School in Danville, we got to perform a kids’ play version of Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Nightingale,’ so that was my first introduction to the story,” Kahng says. “I believe that was the first role I ever played. Right around then is when ‘Beauty and the Beast’ hit theaters, so I think that event also got me excited about storytelling.”

It also got him in illustrating.

“I had a dream of becoming a Disney animator because of that movie. So I was sketching, I was drawing, and so one story in particular that I started to map out in my mind as a kid was Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Nightingale.’ I even have sketches from that age, where I was drawing characters out. I think ‘The Nightingale’ stood out to me particularly because they were Asian characters. As a kid wanting to tell a fairy tale, I think the fact that Hans Christian Andersen’s story takes place in China just appealed to me, to be able to see Asian characters in a Disney format. Years later, the animation dreams became less of a reality. But the Nightingale story stuck with me.”

Kahng says he’d been playing around with ideas for a ‘Nightingale’ musical at least since he was a teenager.

“I think somewhere in middle school or high school was when I discovered Broadway cast albums,” he says. “I oddly did not encounter the community theater world as a kid, so I didn’t even know that people were putting on musicals all around me, but I bought a lot of cast albums, and I was actually starting to write out the adaptation of ‘The Nightingale’ that early. There’s very little of that adaptation that exists in the current version.”

It was only after college, where he majored in music at UC Berkeley, that Kahng discovered local community theater and started to get involved.

“I started acting, I realized that I could play in pits for shows, I realized that I could direct music, and through that I started to see how other people had written their scores,” he recalls. “I realized like, oh, I could do this. In 2008 I reached a point with my corporate job where I was like, I think I want to try this arts career thing before I turn 30 to see how it goes.”

In 2010 Kahng self-produced a staged reading of his ‘Nightingale’ musical at Alameda High School, and three years later it premiered at Altarena. By then he’d also written his first of several pieces for Bay Area Children’s Theatre, so it wasn’t quite his first production.

“In my mind, though, ‘Nightingale’ is really the first project,” he says, “because it’s been a lifelong journey.”


An attorney from Orinda and an Army veteran from Walnut Creek announce campaigns to unseat Assemblywoman Baker

An attorney from Orinda and an Army veteran from Walnut Creek (both Democrats) have recently announced that they plan to run against incumbent Catharine Baker to represent the Tri-Valley and the rest of District 16 in the State Assembly.

Rebecca Bauer-Kahan and Tom Tarantino, both Democrats, have launched their campaigns in advance of the June primary aiming to unseat Baker, a Republican who has held the position since 2014.

One of 25 Republicans in the 80-member Assembly, Baker has confirmed she will seek re-election to a third consecutive two-year term next year. The Dublin resident is eligible for eight more years of service in either house of the State Legislature under California’s term limits.

“I am running for re-election because I see that putting rigid partisanship to the side and focusing on the important issues and results is working,” Baker, 46, said this week. “That is my focus, and will be my focus.”

A civil attorney by trade, Baker was a political newcomer in 2014 when she defeated liberal Tim Sbranti, a former Dublin mayor, to win the open Assembly seat previously held by the Democrats. She won re-election comfortably in 2016.

Though Bauer-Kahan and Tarantino have announced their bids to challenge Baker, prospective candidates can’t officially enter the race until the nomination period opens in mid-February. The top two finishers in the June primary will face each other in a runoff election for the seat in November.

In addition to the San Ramon Valley, the 16th Assembly District also includes Livermore, Dublin, Pleasanton, Walnut Creek and Lamorinda.

Rebecca Bauer-Kahan

A 38-year-old Bay Area native, Bauer-Kahan defines herself as an attorney, environmental advocate, community leader, law professor and mother. She’s a lifelong Democrat, and her platform focuses on school funding and guaranteeing universal preschool, protecting the environment and fighting climate change, and improving transportation options.

“Today, California is on the front lines in the battle against the Trump Administration and extremists in Washington,” she said. “Our community deserves a representative who will stand up to those forces and truly fight for what’s important. I hope the people of the 16th Assembly District will take a closer look at Republican Assemblywoman Catharine Baker — and once they do, they will find she is seriously out of step with the needs of this district.”

This is the first time she has sought elected office.

Bauer-Kahan’s specialties as an attorney have ranged from ensuring major corporations comply with environmental regulations, working with tech companies on intellectual property cases and expanding her office’s pro bono program to include civil rights, immigration, homelessness and domestic violence cases, she said. Recently, she helped coordinate the legal services effort at San Francisco International Airport to aid refugees and immigrants affected by the Trump Administration’s travel ban.

She has taught appellate law and legal research and writing at Santa Clara University and Golden Gate University for the past seven years, and holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Georgetown University Law Center.

She lives in Orinda with her husband and three children, where she is a leader in local non-profits and organizations.

Tom Tarantino

Tarantino, 39, grew up in San Anselmo in Marin County and served in the Army for 10 years, after which time he worked in public policy in Washington D.C., focusing on veteran affairs and advocacy.

Now he works on Twitter’s public policy team and lives in Walnut Creek.

“My wife, Tara, and I are building our life in the 16th District,” Tarantino said. “Like other families who are doing the same, I want our community to have better transportation options, the best schools, cleaner air and water, and affordable housing for all. We need leaders in California who can take on these fights and bravely defend our values.”

This is his first time seeking an elected office.

Tarantino enlisted in the Army Reserves at the age of 19 in 1997, and served on active duty from 2003-07. During his service, he helped repatriate refugees in Bosnia, trained soldiers and lead two platoons through combat in Iraq.

After leaving the service with the rank of captain, he joined Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), leading the organization’s D.C. office for almost two years. In this capacity, his work centered on upgrading the GI Bill, fighting to prevent for-profit schools from preying on veterans, advocating for mental health provisions in veterans benefits, and addressing sexual assault in the military and suicide rates in veterans, he said.

He attended the College of Marin and later University of California, Santa Barbara on an ROTC scholarship, and he holds a Bachelor of Arts in global studies and international relations.


Bay Area Mortgage Interest Rate as of 09/25/2017

Daily Interest Rate Report

APR rate. No point, no lender’s fee, no pre-pay penalty.

Conforming Loan Programs($424,100 or less)

30 Year Fixed 15 Year Fixed 7 Year ARM 5 Year ARM
3.750% 3.000% 3.250% 3.125%
  High Balance Loan ($424,100 to $636,150)

30 Year Fixed 15 Year Fixed 7 Year ARM 5 Year ARM
3.875% 3.250% 3.750%  3.125%
Jumbo Loan ($636,150 and up)

30 Year Fixed 15 Year Fixed 7 Year ARM 5 Year ARM
3.875% 3.375% 3.375% 3.250%

10-Yr Bond: 2.220

Disclaimer: Above rates are based on premium conditions. Rates may change within the day.

Facebook将进驻San Francisco,租下3000人办公室

多年来,一直计划进驻SF的Facebook,日前终于租下旧金山181 Fremont Street(介于 Howard和Mission 街之间)整栋大楼。

这是一座拥有54层的,旧金山第二大高楼,建筑设计师是Heller Manus。

大楼的开发商Jay Paul Co.证实这项消息,透露租金是每平方呎80元,大楼总面积为43万6000平方呎。